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Automated Customer Intelligence

Automated customer intelligence.

What medicine do your customers need, for you to have a healthy relationship?
Unfortunately, the customers aren't always telling you what medicine they need to become engaged and loyal to your business, and sometimes they don't even know. As you might already know, the secret formula most often lies hidden in your customers' behaviour, resting in your (many?) data storage(s), waiting to be discovered. If you are willing to listen, the data will tell you who to interact with, when, with what content and even how. And if you do, the customers promise to be 15% more loyal, and increase their buying’s by 20%!

Your customer is sick (of you) - why aren’t you treating him right?
Your customer is suffering from irritation and disloyalty. He or she thinks you should know better, since you already have all that information stored about the customer. He/she thinks you should stop sending irrelevant campaigns at the wrong time, in the wrong channel. And start appreciation, after all he or she spends a fortune purchasing your services and products. Why are you not giving him the medicine he deserves, so that your customer can be satisfied and increase loyalty by 15% and sales by 20%?

So, what's the problem?
Let’s face it, acting perfectly aligned with your customers, giving him or her the right medicine, is not easy. Customer data, as you know, is not always easily accessible, its spread over multiple systems with questionable quality. When you are trying to collect it, the numbers just don't add up. When you finally get the important customer data in place, you are wondering what to do with it - does it have to be this hard to draw actionable insights, eg. finding the right medicine?

To solve your problems, you might hire data scientists, or consultants, to assist you in finding the insights enabling your business to become data- and analytics driven. You start predicting your customers' behaviour. You might even develop a system (model) to predict the risk of losing customers (churn), yet another one which analyses lifetime value (LTV) to determine who's worth spending money on and/or a system that understands what products specific customers probably wants next (NBO). You have come a long way; you have all these insights - but do you find it actionable? The insights, as remarkable as they are, are not connected, but they are (best case) giving you a clue of what's wrong, but nothing tells you how to act. Disappointed? You are not alone, I promise…

Optimizing businesses' customer experience, engagement and ultimately sales using data and analytics is the nut everyone is trying to crack. And thanks to a team at Applai which has connected cutting edge technology, AI, and decades of sales experience, there is a better way to know how to treat your customers. From customer data, to truly actionable insights - fully automated.

The solution - Automated Customer Intelligence
AI driven customer smartness made accessible in 3 powerful, automated (& vital) steps:

  1. Data EKG & cleansing - assess and optimize your data
    • Data EKG gives you a report of how your data is doing
    • Cleansing heals your data, increasing quality
  2. AI driven examination - new generation customer insights
    • Using cutting edge neural networks (AI), your data is examined, and insights are created in real time:
      • Churn - understand who and when someone will churn
      • LTV - understand what each customer are going to be worth
      • NBO - understand what products each customer wants next
  1. Next best medicine - let your customer choose your action
    • Insights in all glory, but the real value lies in understanding HOW to treat your customers in the next best action (NBA) – we prescribe the right medicine and you act to increase loyalty by 15% and sales by 20%.

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Stop! - how do I distribute my medicine??
Chances are you want to visualize your insights internally through a BI system or CRM, as well as distribute your medicine to your customers through your website, email system, your customer support or telemarketing function etc.  All these systems can use the medicine! Think big but start small – start with one.

What is the consequence of doing nothing? Do you really want to find out… probably not…


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